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Healthy Weight and Wellness Center


Offered at our office by
Dr. Seema Mohan M.D.

We have been taking care of various simple and complex medical needs all these years and have successfully implemented the Healthy Weight and Wellness Program for the past year.

This is a medically supervised weight management program that is completely personalized. The program  takes into account a patient’s medical conditions, desired (healthy) weight, complete body composition analysis, nutrition education, personalized meal replacements, medicines (if needed) for weight loss, and various factors involved in weight gain, weight loss, and sustenance. Additionally, the program assesses an individual’s psychosocial factors that play a major role in achieving a healthy weight and overall wellness.

Dr. Mohan has  done extensive training in this much-needed area and is very enthusiastic about adding this to her already wide array of expert services that are offered by her staff and herself. She is a proud member of Obesity Medical Association as well as American Medical Association, and will keep up with ongoing education and new developments in these much-needed fields. With her strong background in internal medicine and deep understanding of medical conditions, the human body, and mind, she will be a strong asset to your bodily wellness.

We accept all major insurances but please contact your insurance plan to see if we are listed under them. We will also provide self-pay services to individuals who wish to do so.

Please call our office at 480-595-0431 to schedule your visit.

Additionally, please look for highly informative comprehensive educational seminars that will be a part of this program.