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About Carefree

Carefree Internal Medicine is a membership-based practice with one location in beautiful Carefree, Arizona. Dr. Mohan is the only physician at her office and all care is provided by her personally. She provides personalized high quality, comprehensive traditional allopathic care, holistic care, and nontraditional care and pearls of health wisdom, too. She treats a broad range of conditions, from simple illnesses to complicated serious conditions, and also emphasizes preventive care and general wellness at the same time. She takes care of all age groups above 18, seeing a lot of seniors who sometimes also have many complex comorbidities. She coordinates care with patients’ specialists to achieve the best medical management. She also offers services for men’s health, women’s health, lifestyle coaching, nutrition counseling, weight management, stress management, and preventative medicine.

Personalized Care Empowered By Patient Investment

My mission is to provide the highest quality medical care, with knowledge about emerging treatments for an internal medicine physician, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to prevention and disease management. My goal is to have my patients taken care of like I would care for my family and have them completely satisfied with every aspect of their care.
Family caring for one another

Membership Care Focused On Prevention

The services that I deliver are extremely useful, incorporating multiple healthcare principles to combine traditional, nontraditional, and holistic care approaches. This is high-connection, “concierge-style” medicine armed with expanded healthcare tools and wisdom that create improved health experiences. By accepting only a limited number of patients who invest in their health quality through an annual fee for services outside and beyond plan coverages, I focus high-connection care services on a few hundred patients. This helps me achieve my goal of providing the high quality care connection and experiences that I have always believed in. My staff and I are committed to putting patients’ needs first.


Call me 480-595-0431 or text us 480-501-9992 and we’ll get back to you!
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