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Stress Management

Ongoing stress is a leading chronic disease risk factor and can lead to serious consequences when left untreated. Dr. Mohan strongly believes in the old saying “mind over body.”
Stress management at Carefree Internal Medicine includes solutions that help you feel less stressed, anxious, or depressed. It improves the way you feel overall and markedly reduces your risk of developing diseases like heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It helps you sleep better, which is just as important as good diet and exercise .
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Available Women’s Health Services:

Risk Factors for Stress

If stress is severe and not resolving spontaneously, please make an appointment at Carefree Internal Medicine.

How Does Stress Affect a Person:

These effects may be subtle and go unnoticed for a long time:

Stress Management Options:

Don’t live with stress that negatively affects your health and wellness.
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