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Membership Practice: Cash Services Beyond Plan Coverage

Carefree Internal Medicine PC

Membership-based practice provides significant benefits due to the delivery of ongoing routine preventative exams detached from plan requirements, and follow-up 24/7 communication support for those exams with the goal of maximizing health outcomes. By providing these services beyond plan coverage, and detaching from dependence on plan reimbursement, we can create an extraordinary ongoing care connection. That helps Dr. Mohan to help you manage your health more effectively, in both sickness and wellness. If you would like to find out how this model of care could benefit you, please contact our office today by phone at 480-595-0431 or email at

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Membership Services Powered By Patient Investment

This type of practice offers patients the opportunity to benefit from a personalized healthcare program at set annual or monthly fees for services framed as outside all plan coverages. Patients enjoy a robust annual comprehensive diagnostic exam, supported by ongoing follow-up exams and communication services. This creates, for a transparent annual fee, an amazing ongoing care connection designed to enhance your healthcare experience.
Members spend quality, unhurried, one-on-one time with Dr. Mohan, no longer restricted by plan coverage time and medical necessity requirements, to build a durable trusting healthcare relationship. Appointments no longer must end when plan coverage requirements dictate, based on medical status—our routine exam model lets us connect with a mutual aim of maximizing your healthcare outcomes AND answering all your questions and addressing ALL of your concerns—no more being rushed out of the medical office because there are 30 other 12-minute appointments that day to meet healthcare plan reimbursement dictates. Instead, the direct patient investment in expanded services and healthcare connection powers an expanded healthcare connection and experience.
By empowering this expansive healthcare connection, patients and the physician can better work together to optimize patients’ health, prioritizing preventative medicine to minimize illness. With better focus on personalized service, medical conditions can be recognized early and then managed better.
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What Exactly Are Cash Membership Services?

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